Albarrán Cabrera Spanish, b. 1969

Albarrán Cabrera are the photographers Anna Cabrera (b. 1969, Sevilla) and Angel Albarrán (b. 1969, Barcelona) who work together as a collaborative duo based in Barcelona. The work of Anna Cabrera and Angel Albarrán has been exhibited in Spain, Japan, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Lebanon, Italy and the United States. Anna and Angel both have a PhD in printing techniques and photo preservation and have studied under photographers such as Humberto Rivas and Toni Catany, among others.



Time, reality, existence, identity and empathy are very interesting subjects, but the most fascinating thing is the relation between them. These relations are difficult to explain by means of words and that‘s why we rely on images. We are particularly interested in memories. We want to play with the memories of the viewer to construct a representation inside their minds. Of course we will never know what the final result will be, because any person has different memories and has grown up in different cultures and environments. Our images will only be the bare bones of this mental construction.